100 Years of Russian beauty in under 2 minutes (VIDEO)

Jun 30, 2015 at 1:40 p.m. ET

It’s amazing to look back through the years and take notice of the dramatic evolution of beauty. As Americans, most of us are familiar with the psychedelic colors of the '70s, the afro-tastic, permed dos of the '80s and goth/punk/alternative stylings of the '90s. But it is even more interesting to take a look at beauty through the decades of other cultures.

Cut.com launched a new installment of its 100 Years of Beauty video series Monday, featuring model Anya Zaytseva transforming before viewers' eyes, taking us on a tour through Russian beauty trends over the past century in only a matter of 90 seconds.

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Viewers are first introduced to a bare-faced Zaytseva, but it takes only seven seconds for hair and makeup stylists to time-warp the model into the 1910s, complete with pearl headband and flower accessory. The 1920s featured darker shadows, the ‘30s, women proud of their strength, having to put on their tough-girl face for their families under the Stalin era.


The 1940s were full of glitz and glam, with bold lips and teased hair, the ‘50s full of pearls. Then came the swinging ‘60s, complete with headbands and winged liner, the ‘70s, a little more natural, just a hint of blush. The ‘80s were filled with big hair worldwide, and the ‘90s looked very sleek. The 2000-2010 decade screams individuality and woman empowerment.

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The video ends with a tribute to feminist protest group Pussy Riot, who were founded in 2011 to fight for LGBT rights in Russia, with Zaytseva hiding her makeup-painted face under a balaclava.

We may be continents apart, but women from all over are connected in our journey to find and embrace our beauty. It amazed me that throughout the video, although there were differences, beauty trends we've seen throughout the decades in America proved to have been universal. Even those that maybe shouldn't have been — cue awkward photos of our mothers and aunts sporting overly teased hair in the '80s.

There is no denying women have come a long way through the years. With fewer restrictions we have embraced bold looks and dabbled in style experimentation. Though we continue to come into our own and find our desired styles, through trial and some error, one thing is for sure: No matter the style, we are all beautiful.