Side butt plastic surgery is not the answer to body ‘perfection’

As a beauty and fashion writer, I often find myself saying, “now I’ve seen everything,” only to have that disproved the very next day. Case in point, this new plastic surgery women are requesting — side butt implants.

If you don’t have a clear image of “side butt,” think about the effect of “side boob” on your behind. If you have a butt that protrudes a bit when you’re looking at yourself straight on in a mirror, you know what I’m talking about.

Now I (sort of) get the regular butt implants. In fact, while I don’t really condone plastic surgery, I can appreciate the kind that accentuates a healthy body image. But this new trend is a bit excessive.

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Experts say the requests for this particular plastic surgery began when celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj started posting pictures that showed off their thighs and butts. These ladies all have ample derrieres, but more importantly, they know how to draw attention to them by wearing high-cut swimsuits that in turn make their waists look smaller.

So you see, it’s mainly about the side butt-featuring attire and stance (not to mention the fierce “my butt is better than your butt” stare). You can absolutely see why fans would covet their curvaceous booties, but is surgery really the answer? Doctors are saying not at all.

According to Dr. Carolyn Berry, cosmetic and clinical expert at Firvale Clinics, side butt is not something a specific surgery can give you. She told The Telegraph, “The side bum is mainly about an illusion trick and relies more on posture and positioning, than actually substance of tissue. [It] can only be created by sitting in a high-cut swimsuit or workout gear, this creates an illusion of more curve. If you actually had fat in these areas, you would have a very strange and extreme shape. God normally gives you a butt which is correct for your height and body shape.”

Well then! Hundreds of women’s (and probably men’s) plastic surgery dream bubbles just burst.

Moreover, she says the extreme hip to waist ratio of many of these celebrities isn’t really healthy, and should not be looked to as an ideal body type. While you might be saying, “hold on there, I thought that hourglass look was a good thing,” the fact is, using methods like waist training (aka corset-wearing) like the Kardashian sisters do is not good for you. Simply put, the natural proportions of your specific body are what you should be going for rather than an extreme booty and itty-bitty waist.

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That being said, if you still want to achieve the side butt look, you can pick up a high-cut swimsuit or bootie jean shorts that push down on your back butt which adds dimension to the sides. Then practice your hip juts in the mirror that say you know your butt’s got it going on.

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