8 Hot-weather fashion tips to stay covered and cool

Jun 10, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. ET

When it comes to summer attire, I enjoy baring my skin as much as the next girl. Sometimes, though, the situation calls for a little more restraint than is afforded by a tube top and cutoff shorts. A wedding, for example. Or a work day at a corporate office.

Just because you need occasional coverage during the summer doesn't mean that you need to feel uncomfortable and sweaty for three straight months. Follow these tips to stay fashionable, comfortable and covered when your life requires a hint of modesty.

1. Go high-tech

Neoprene is a trendy fabric of late, and for good reason. You're probably familiar with it as wet suit material, but it has recently made its way onto the runway. The rubber-like texture of neoprene lends itself nicely to architectural shapes, and it's less likely to fly up than other materials during a summer windstorm. Wear it as a structured short skirt, like this one from ASOS, for ample and interesting coverage.

2. Don some Skimmies

The first rule of summer fashion is to pick the right undergarments. Jockey's Skimmies are a great choice for hot weather, since they provide coverage, a smooth silhouette and insurance for a windy day without adding any heat. Pair them with a knee-length or maxi dress to help avoid annoying static issues.

3. Wear a floppy hat

Even your head needs to cover up on a sunny day. Avoid squinting and sunburn by wearing a floppy hat like this one by Nine West with your dresses or boyfriend jeans. We love floppy hats of all kinds — they're available in light materials like straw, paper and twill, and in plenty of colors and styles for your summertime whims.

4. Look at the tag

Pick your fabrics wisely to find the most flattering fit and avoid boob sweat. No matter which modest cut you choose for your night on the town, you can't go wrong with fabrics like seersucker, silk, chiffon, cotton and eyelet lace. Another breathable fabric choice is linen, like this cute tee by LC Lauren Conrad.

5. Cool down your heels

Please abandon your sticky and sweaty pumps for a shoe style that's more breathable. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to wear gladiator sandals to work, so you'll need to get a little creative to find comfortable, full-coverage footwear. Think materials like lace, and details like eyelets and peep toes. The bedazzled flats by Steve Madden are open on the inside, leaving plenty of room for airflow.

6. Rock the oversized trend

Oversized fashion is wonderfully trendy right now. As far as we are concerned, the best part of the trend is just how comfortable, cozy and cool it can be. Find a draped shirt in a light fabric for a summertime option that looks as breezy as it feels. This oversized Neon Soul tee keeps it interesting by baring your shoulders without baring everything else.

7. Drape a summer scarf

Plunging neckline got you down? Drape a light scarf, like this one from Betsey Johnson, around your neck and over your cleavage for added modesty. Summer scarves are made of cool fabrics and feature bright patterns for the perfect pop of color.

8. Hit the floor

When in doubt, rock a maxi dress like this fabulous chevron piece from Trixie. A well-fitted maxi is super sexy while providing full coverage from shoulder to toe. The best part? You'll look and feel cool on even the hottest days. Update your maxi dresses this season with burn-out cuts or a maxi-midi asymmetrical option.

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