Genuis DIY lip palette combines your fave shades in one case

Jun 16, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET

When you’re packing for your weekend getaways and summer vacations, you might be tempted to pack all your lipsticks. I mean, you just never know what you'll want to wear! If you’re like many of us, there’s nothing more frustrating than wishing you would have packed a certain item so you might as well bring ‘em all, right? No need! Here’s an easy and cheap solution to your lipstick conundrum!

Lipstick DIY to combine lip shades in one case

This beauty DIY is not only a great way to carry multiple lip colors in one slim package, but also to make the most of that last bit of lipstick at the bottom of a tube. Plus, once you're armed with a myriad of colors, you can get creative and mix up your own custom shades!

You will need the following supplies:

DIY custom lip palette: Supplies

  • A clean pill case. These can be found in any pharmacy or drugstore. Choose one with as many compartments as you'd like. Just think, with the weekly ones, you'll have a different lip color for every day of the week! I like to have several four-compartment ones to create color-specific palettes. You can create a nude palette, plums, pinks, reds, etc.
  • A non-serrated knife or cutting instrument. X-Acto knives or cosmetic spatulas work well for this.
  • Lipsticks of course! Don't count out the ones that are almost gone because you can actually scrape out quite a bit inside of the barrel!
  • Alcohol. I use 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. You'll use this to sanitize your lipstick prior to slicing for your palette.
  • Labels. You'll need these to label each lip color with the brand and color name.
  • A lip brush. You can apply the color with your fingers but a lip brush allows for a more precise, mess-free application. Plus, you'll feel more like a makeup artist working out of your palette.


Step 1:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 1

First, untwist your lipstick and either dip or spray with alcohol to sanitize it. Wipe with a tissue.

Step 2:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 2

Next, with your knife, carefully slice off a piece of the lipstick. Feel free to just slice off about half for your palette so you still have some in your tube too. Hey, double your money!

Step 3:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 3

Now taking your knife or spatula, squish the lipstick into one of the compartments of the pill case. Use your knife to smooth the surface and fill the corners.

Step 4:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 4

Repeat this process with the other lip colors you'd like to fill the remaining compartments.

Step 5:

Using a tissue, wipe the border of the compartments to clean it up.

Step 6:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 6

Write the brand and shade name of your lipsticks on your labels and apply to either the top or bottom of your pill case.

Step 7:

DIY custom lip palette: Step 7

Apply with a lip brush. Don't be afraid to mix a few lip colors together to create your own signature shade!