5 Beauty secrets models have mastered that you can copy

Don’t you just love to hate on supermodels? Forget their glossy magazine photos, red carpet perfection or Fashion Week runway strutting, they seem to be stylish 24/7. It’s like they’re being followed by hair and makeup. But even if they are, there’s no reason you can’t hijack their stylish looks.

1. Red lipstick (or any lip color) goes with casual outfits, too

Image: WENN.com

You know when you want to look good, but don’t have the time (or energy) to make it happen? Then lipstick is your new best friend. No matter what you’re wearing, the time of day or getting coffee like the beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio seen here, a crimson shade or a peachy gloss will divert attention. Even if you happen to be wearing sweatpants or holey jeans.

2. Accessories dress up basic outfits

Kendall Jenner accessorize

Image: WENN.com

When you’re sick of your clothes, turn to your accessories for a little pick-me-up with your basics. Take it from flawless (as per usual) Kendall Jenner. A casual monochromatic base, sprinkled with accoutrements like a sassy hat, simple necklace, bag and large shades makes for a chic look.

3. Wearing natural makeup, or skipping it all together, is trendy

Bare faced

Image: Brian To/WENN.com

Sometimes less is more. Take it from this natural, Bella Hadid. You might feel naked at first, but your skin will thank you for a night or day off from your makeup regimen. And according to a brand new study, giving skin a break from make-up is the key to a perfect complexion.”

4. The white button down is your best friend

White button down

Image: WENN.com

This versatile top should be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. You can dress it up, tone it down and layer, like fashionista Karlie Kloss, or tuck in the front and let it hang out in the back for an easy sophisticated look.

5. Buns don’t have to be fancy to make you look dressed up


Image: Brian To/WENN.com

Whether it’s on top of your head, or a low-hanging knot with a whimsical tendril like Gigi Hadid’s, you can’t go wrong with this effortless look. Perfect for a humid or rainy day, or when your hair just will not do what you want it to.

Gigi Hadid Bun

Image: Brian To/WENN.com

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