10 Thoughts all women with bangs will understand

Beyoncé has debuted her new bangs while in Paris, but were they supposed to be so short?

Beyoncé, we love you and it’s great to see you’re just like us, another woman grappling with the ultimate question: Should I or shouldn’t I get bangs?

We’re not sure if the pop star took a pair of scissors to her own hair or just didn’t know how to find a good hairdresser while in Paris, but it looks like Queen Bey is sporting some seriously short bangs. We’re just not sure what to make of them.

Does Beyoncé wear a hairpiece?

The mum of one was seen catching a flight out of Paris on Tuesday with Blue Ivy Carter and her husband, Jay Z.

Her hair is still long, it’s just the bangs at the front that are a little on the short side. It could very well be a wig, though, as the “Bow Down” singer is no stranger to a hairpiece or altering her look every now and then.

Why is Queen Bey altering her Instagram snaps?

What a wonderful feeling it is to know that even Queen Bey has been lured by the ultimate hair conundrum. For all you bang-wearers out there, or if you’re thinking about going for the chop, here are 10 thoughts all women with bangs have.

1. First, you’ll get inspired by the latest bang-sporting celebrity:

2. Then, you begin getting nervous because you’re seriously considering the chop:

3. You’ll even ask friends, family and the general public what they think:

4. Then you’ll decide that you need to cut your bangs, as soon as possible:

5. Then you’ll regret it, almost immediately:


6. Because your bangs are far too short:

7. But, luckily, you’ll realise it’s just hair, it’ll grow back:

8. Then your bangs will grow out and you’ll find yourself in another predicament:

9. And you’ll try to do whatever you can to hide them:

10. Until you decide you’re ready for bangs all over again:

What do you think about Beyoncé’s bangs? Are you thinking about the chop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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