Make your cosmetics non-toxic and eco-friendly

Don’t you just love those wonderful girl’s nights – the whole process of becoming a princess – of manicures, pedicures, mineral salt scrubs, soft facial masks, sinful food, followed by beautiful make up, a stunning hairdo and an amazing night out? We all do!

How many of us use products that have been tested on animals, that contain toxins or that really damage the environment while being made? Okay, we probably all try to buy make-up that is not tested on animals by now, but how about the environment? Do you consider the environment?

Vegan Friendly EcoTools

Actress Alicia Silverstone, known for her love of animals and vegan lifestyle, has more to give than just her acting skills. She captured many teenage girls’ hearts with the movie Clueless and now has taken on a Designer role with EcoTools to develop a line of affordable eco-friendly cosmetics brushes and bags.

The cosmetic bags are made with natural hemp. The floral designs on the bags are printed with non-toxic inks, as are the hangtags, which are also printed on tree-free stone paper. The interior is made from a recycled PET lining. While the make-up brushes, are made from earth-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, soybean oil and crushed walnuts. Naturally, all are made with cruelty-free, non-animal bristles!

Alicia has also recently released a book, The Kind Diet , in which she shares what inspired her to embrace a vegan lifestyle. The book highlights how eating a plant-based diet naturally benefits not only the planet and animals, but also your body. These benefits include clearer skin, weight loss, higher energy levels and smoother digestive function.

Feeling Inspired?

Grab a friend and plan a wonderful day of eco friendly, non-animal-cruelty, pampering. Because there is truly no beauty that shines brighter than the beauty that comes from the inside out.

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