How to make golf wear look totally chic

Nowadays, active wear is a healthy combination of functional, athletic and chic. For us ladies, this is our season for variety and choice. There have never been more of both.


t One particular sport I want to highlight is the precision club and ball sport called golf. We are all aware of the game and how it is predominantly male, but thankfully we also have awesome (and might I add hot) female golfers like Zakiya Randall and Michelle Wie who make it more appealing. A few facts about the physical activity is that it has great benefits like helping with concentration and building brain power, but one thing we may not know is the stylish golf apparel that’s out there for women. Brands like Catherine Wingate offer golf fashions that are both comfortable and posh. The brand boasts on how it allows their customers to effortlessly go straight from the golf course to the clubhouse. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly appreciate a line that cares about my comfort and how I look with a transitional ease from the course to daily activities.


t Luckily, I was able to bear witness to this luxury brand, after receiving some of their apparel last month. I chose a short-sleeve pink polo shirt and navy blue leggings. I loved the small details like the hummingbird emblem and the gold hardware accents, but most of all how amazing it felt against my skin. I was absolutely cozy all day. Check out some of the pictures below and take a look at Catherine Wingate’s site which is currently being updated with 2015’s new collection.


t Golf wear doesn’t have to be lackluster and you don’t have to feel underwhelmed when dressing up to hit the course. Even if you aren’t too convinced to try the sport, I’m sure there are some golf apparel items that would still, somehow, make you chic and ready for a glass of wine. I’ve also put together a few accessories that are golf-inspired for our winter and warmer seasons.


  1. Nike Sport Women’s Golf Vest, $120
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  3. Montecristi Golf Classico Hat, $88
  4. t

  5. GloveIt Ladies Print Cart Bags in Trellis, $190
  6. t

  7. Dark Raisin Nike Ladies Fi Impact Golf Shoes, $130
  8. t

  9. Catherine Wingate Leather Tote Bag with Removable Clutch, $295
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  11. Nancy Lopez Glamour Full-Zip Golf Jacket, $90


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