Valentine’s Day heart nail polish tutorial

Forget your sleeve and wear your heart on your nails this Valentine’s Day. This cute and easy DIY heart nail art tutorial will help to get you in the mood for love.

Unless you’re Betty Boop there aren’t too many days of the year when you can cover yourself in hearts and get away with it. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around make the most of this loved-up holiday with an adorable DIY heart nail art design.

Go simple with one heart or let your inner romantic roar by covering all ten digits in the symbol for love. Give it your own touch by playing with colours, sizes and heart shapes until cupid has no choice but to find you a soul mate.

Valentine’s Day heart nail art

Valentine's day heart nail art supplies


  • Red nail polish
  • Top and base coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton wool buds (for corrections)
  • Clear foil or paper
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors



Paint nails and neaten edges

Step one paint nails

After applying a base coat, paint your nails red. Use cotton wool buds, toothpicks or a nail polish corrector pen to neaten up all of the edges once you’ve finished.


Stick washi tape to foil

Step two stick washi tape to foil

Once your nails have dried enough not to get scratched, stick a strip of washi tape, with your chosen design, on to the foil (or paper).


Bend foil and press down

Step three bend foil

Bend the foil (or paper) in half and lightly press it down. Don’t make the edge too sharp because you don’t want it to show as a crease later on.


Cut a half heart shape

Step four cute a half heart shape

Cut a half heart shape into the bent foil or paper to form a symmetrical heart. Unfold the foil and pop the heart out.


Place the heart

Step five place the heart

Unstick the foil or paper from the back of the washi tape and place the heart over one of your nails.

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Using tweezers can make this step easier and more precise.


Apply a clear coat

Step six apply clear coat and your done.

Apply a clear or pearly top coat over all of your nails to finish off the look. And just like that you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Polish finished

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