Spec-tacular makeup

We girls who sport the geek chic look, a la Zooey Deschanel, run the risk of looking tired and rundown behind our frames. Here are some simple tips on how to make your eyes pop and look great behind those specs.

Make your eyes pop behind the frames
 Zooey Deschanel wearing glasses

There are days when we visually-challenged girls reach for our glasses versus our contacts, thinking that we can put less effort into our grooming routine. The frames, as adorable and chic as they are, create shadows around your eyes so going makeup-less is virtually a no-go if you want to look polished and radiant behind your specs.


Brows are the lynchpin to the whole eye makeup look. A lack of polished and well-groomed brows will create dissonance, especially since glasses draw special attention to your eye area.

Hydrate and illuminate

Spectacle lenses magnify the eye area so be sure to keep it adequately moisturised with eye cream. Doing so will help reduce a crepe-like appearance. Once the eye cream has sunk in, use a light-reflective, illuminating concealer pen to brighten the under eye area and brow arch.


The key to eye makeup behind frames is to keep it light and fresh with definition. It’s best to choose neutral shades. Give the lid a wash with a light neutral beige shadow and follow with a medium tone neutral that suits your skin colour to gently contour your crease.

Since glasses distort their shape, it’s important to define your eyes by lining them in either brown or black. Ladies sporting thicker frames can get away with heavier liner, while those with thinner or rimless frames should opt for more natural looks. For a fun and sexy twist, try a winged liner look. Stay as close to the lash line as possible when lining the top lid. If you are blessed with big doll eyes, you can line the inner rims of your lower lash line, too.

Lastly, always curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This is especially handy if you have long lashes that flutter against the inside of your glasses.

Mascara optional

Mascara is a personal call for spectacle wearers. Depending how long and thick your lashes are and where your glasses sit on your face, wearing mascara can either be a blessing or a burden. If you have really long lashes and find that when curled and mascara-coated they smear your lenses, you can skip the mascara and focus on the eyeliner.

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