Show-stopping eye makeup for Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks vs. Patriots

Jan 30, 2015 at 6:27 p.m. ET

If the NFL is learning one thing about women, it's that we love football as much as our male counterparts.

The tackles, the Hail Marys, the butt-hugging uniforms... it's good stuff. Needless to say, we can hardly wait to stuff our faces with delicious food and watch the Patriots beat the Seahawks game this Sunday.

If you want to be supremely team-spirited this year, top your team-colored ensemble off with one of these gorgeous makeup looks. Just try not to cry if your team loses, OK? 'Cause that's gonna be a mess.

New England Patriots eye makeup

To create this Patriots look, our Expert Sabrina Huizar blended vibrant shades of blue and red shadows, and mimicked the shape of the New England logo by creating a winged eye. She topped it off with lashes and a bold red lip.

Seattle Seahawks eye makeup

If you're more of a Hawks fan, go home, you won last year. Kidding! We've got a stunning blue and green look for you. Our Expert finished this one with eye-catching green glitter and dramatic lashes.

Enjoy the game, ladies!

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