Watch amazing glimpse of every look considered hot ever (VIDEO)

Jan 30, 2015 at 11:52 a.m. ET

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or so they say. A new video from BuzzFeed asks us to believe something else: Beauty is in the eye of the era. It takes a pretty compelling look at what was considered "hot" or "ideal" from the ancient Egyptian times until now. And let me be the first to say: Times have changed.

Wearing white bathing suits, the models in the video each represent the ideal form from the era they are showing. In ancient Egypt, it was all about slim shoulders (who knew?!) and during the renaissance time, a fuller figure was in. See below:


The video is incredibly empowering in many ways. Not only because it shows that all women have been ideal at some point in history (and likely will be again), but also because it shows the incredible diversity of bodies that exist. There is no "one" way to look and everyone is beautiful. Full stop.

When I was in my teens and first developed my intense curves, I remember being sad we didn't live in the 1950s. My body would have been "in" then. But why wait?

As an adult, I recognize that the "in" body doesn't really matter. We should all be celebrating the bodies we have, whether they are soft or hard, thin or curvy. We all deserve love. We all deserve to feel beautiful. And now we know we've all been ideal at some point, too.

Trends change. Tastes change. If we were lucky enough to come of age in a time where our body type was in, lucky us. But a curvy girl growing up during the time of "heroin chic" is going to be depressed unless she can accept that it won't always be so. Maybe we need to drop the idea of "ideal" anyway and just accept that all bodies have their own kind of beauty. We won't always be each other's cup of tea and of course people have their preferences, but there is usually someone out there who will recognize our beauty. Let's focus on that person instead of the faceless "trend setters." Who cares what they think?

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