28 Graphic tees that say what women are really thinking

Dec 18, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. ET

We're women, which means feeling every emotion at the same time. Sure, it'd be nice to be all male and just let out a grunt that fully expresses how we feel, but it's not our thang. We'd rather make bold, stylish statements, like wearing a graphic tee that knows exactly what to say:

1. My morning routine

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Image credit: theteeplanet/Instagram

2. Too busy being awesome to care

A photo posted by Monmouth Mall Aeropostale (@monmouthaero) on

Image credit: monmouthaero/Instagram

3. I will make better mistakes tomorrow

A photo posted by Harper And Harlow (@harperandharlow) on

Image credit: harperandharlow/Instagram

4. Goal digger

A photo posted by Hawwa (@reem.hawwa) on

Image credit: reem.hawwa/Instagram

5. Shopping is good for my thighs

A photo posted by Arco Avenue (@arcoavenue) on

Image credit: arcoavenue/Instagram

6. It's complicated

A photo posted by charl (@charl.otte_) on

Image credit: charl.otte_/Instagram

7. Don't worry be yoncé

A photo posted by Aniella Leeks (@aniellaleeks) on

Image credit: aniellaleeks/Instagram

8. Haute mess

A photo posted by Meagan Parker (@lularoemaryland) on

Image credit: lularoemaryland/Instagram

9. Not photoshopped

A photo posted by Liv (@moondust_and_starglitter) on

Image credit: moondust_and_starglitter/Instagram

10. Love me or leave me alone

A photo posted by politixstudio (@politixstudio) on

Image credit: politixstudio/Instagram

11. High heels high hopes

A photo posted by kelseyjaneb (@kelseyjaneb) on

Image credit: kelseyjaneb/Instagram

12. Save water drink Champagne

A photo posted by Lillians Of Fond Du Lac (@lilliansoffdl) on

Image credit: lilliansoffdl/Instagram

13. More issues than Vogue

A photo posted by Pamela (@kevnpam) on

Image credit: kevnpam/Instagram

14. I can't keep calm because I have anxiety

A photo posted by nicole.emiko (@nicole.emiko) on

Image credit: nicole.emiko/Instagram

15. When in doubt add glitter

A photo posted by @aerowestwood on

Image credit: aerowestwood/Instagram

16. Actually can't right now

A photo posted by @meredith_long93 on

Image: meredith_long93/Instagram

17. Sarcasm

A photo posted by Chestmarkedtees (@chestmarked_tees) on

Image credit: chestmarked_tees/Instagram

18. I woke up like this

A photo posted by Scarlett Jai (@scarlettjai) on

Image credit: scarlettjai/Instagram

19. Monday checklist

A photo posted by Pearl Lee (@mochapocky) on

Image credit: mochapocky/Instagram

20. Feed me and tell me I'm pretty

A photo posted by Bottega Clothing (@bottegaclothing) on

Image credit: bottegaclothing/Instagram

21. Will work for shoes

A photo posted by Arco Avenue (@arcoavenue) on

Image credit: arcoavenue/Instagram

22. My wishlist

A photo posted by RiverKwai (@riverkwai) on

Image credit: riverkwai/Instagram

23. Friday is my favorite F word

A photo posted by TEEHEESSSSS (@fionthenghere) on

Image credit: fionthenghere/Instagram

24. Proud supporter

A photo posted by StaciDeal (@stacideal) on

Image credit: stacideal/Instagram

25. I have mixed drinks about feelings

A photo posted by Mindi Meyerer (@honeybee297) on

Image credit: honeybee297/Instagram

26. Not crazy just human

A photo posted by Undeniable Boutique (@undeniablebtq) on

Image credit: undeniablebtq/Instagram

27. Be classy

A photo posted by SASSY QUEEN (@sassy.queen2787) on

Image credit: sassy.queen2787/Instagram

28. My autobiography (for real)

A photo posted by Mindi Meyerer (@honeybee297) on

Image credit: honeybee297/Instagram

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