Women try on vintage bras, make hilarious observations (VIDEO)

Dec 8, 2014 at 9:05 a.m. ET
Image: AOL/BuzzFeed

The overarching theme to this video? Holy C cup, Batman; we've come a long way in the women's undergarments department.

Between bras that made it impossible to breathe, bras that seemed vaguely like a diaper for boobs and bras that made it look like one was in a Madonna music video, it seems fair to say that present day is really the ideal time to be a woman.

Sure, there are obviously more grand reasons being a woman in this day and age is a more appealing option than, say, being a woman in the 1500s or even 1914. But, beyond women's suffrage, the feminist movement and women worldwide giving men a run for their money, we're also "supported" in ways all the ladies (and their ladies) before us never got to experience. Cheers to underwire; we'll never take you for granted again!

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