10 Decades of beauty time-lapsed in 1 amazing minute (VIDEO)

Dec 3, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Have you ever looked at a photo from the 1930s or 1940s and wondered how a woman of today might look in those styles? Those teased styles seem so impossible, so rare, so time-consuming to accomplish today. But they looked amazing. Now, a new video shows you 100 years of beauty on one modern woman. It's just one minute, but I dare you not to watch it 1,000 times.

The video takes one beautiful model through 100 years of different looks, starting in 1910. It's truly incredible.

For me, someone born in the late 1970s who didn't really do much with my hair until the 1990s, it didn't offer such a strong retrospective. But it was incredibly cool all the same. What's amazing is that just with some curlers, makeup, hairspray and time, a person can look like they belong in any decade. Don't believe me? Check out the before:

Before Shot

Just a normal woman, right? I mean, OK, obviously she's beautiful. But she looks like someone with today's style. But just you wait... Here she is in her 1920s look:

1920's look

It's so Clara Bow, right? I love the look of the little bit of lipstick in the middle and the perfectly coiffed hair. Then we go forward 10 years... The look from the 1930s is by far my favorite:

1930's style

I love the soft waves. It's just a beautiful look. More than any other decade, I think it is what I might describe as "classic." The 1980s on the other hand? Not so much! Here is the worst look:

1980's look

Bad news, right? What were they thinking? The funny thing is I remember that decade. I remember my teenage babysitters with their teased and crimped hair. I remember their blue eyeshadow and frosted pink lips. It was a look I loved. Then. Now it just looks ridiculous. Be gone, 1980s!

It seems in recent years we have embraced a more natural, tousled look. I am a big fan. What will come next? Only time will tell! But I hope they can add an extra 10 seconds to the video per decade. I'd love to see it again in 100 years!

See the video below:


Which look was your fave?

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