How to get the best blowout and keep it looking fab for days

Dec 2, 2014 at 2:14 p.m. ET

Yes, I love DIY hair, the latest how-to looks and getting creative at home, but how does one find the time when the holiday hits you from behind like it typically does?

I barely have a moment to rummage through Pinterest let alone find the time and patience to create said hairdo, given the time crunch to get everything done before heading home to see family. Any attempt I make would be a far cry from any internet-worthy photo.

Easiest trick in the book that many don't schedule or even think to do: Get a blowout. It lasts for days and can easily lift your entire look.

My new-found friends at Kolorbar NYC felt like family the minute I met them, and gave me the skinny on what it takes to get magazine-worthy hair, and how to make it last throughout the holiday.

I tend to think I do a great job air drying, but getting a professional blowout takes you from Kurt Cobain (love me some Kurt) to feeling like a semi-accomplished adult.

What I thought I woke up looking like:

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What I actually looked like:

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Here are some of my tips for getting the perfect blowout just in time for the holidays:

1. Do your research

Always get a blowout from places that use the highest quality products. Kolorbar uses sulfate-free Bumble & Bumble products, so that was a check in the box for me.

2. Ask for referrals

Before making an appointment, ask the salon who their "go-to" blowout maven is. When you go to a restaurant, you ask the waiter what the must-have dishes are. This is no different. I was told Marjana would have me looking like new, and she was a doll.

3. Make it last

Put your hair up at night to extend the life of your style. Most women complain of grease or creases. Creases are easily solved with the right hair tie. Stay away from elastics and use cloth hair ties, which most salons now carry. For any grease, dry shampoo at the scalp is your best bet.

When going out to run errands, walk the dog, you name it, just tie it up to preserve your volume.

4. Touch ups

Use your hair dryer on low heat and take a round brush to the front pieces of your hair to retrieve lost volume. This is another great time to hit the roots with dry shampoo.

What a difference a quick blowout can make!

Photo credit: Felix Feygin/Kolorbar nyc

For any of you who need a holiday pick-me-up, a blowout is one of the best things you can do for yourself and saves time in the long run. Not to mention, your future mother-in-law may just think you have it all together.

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