Check out our favourite curly-haired celebrities

Since we have Jennifer Aniston, who has naturally wavy hair, on our minds right now, we thought we’d pay a petit homage to the other beautiful curly-haired celebrities.

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Believe it or not, Jennifer Aniston‘s hair is not perfect. Sounds crazy, right? The 45-year-old actress is practically the poster child for gorgeous hair, but she revealed to The Boston Globe that her mane is extremely difficult to tame.

“The thing that makes me chuckle is when I hear that my hair is so this or so that,” she stated. “My hair is always at odds with a brush and a hair dryer. To get my hair straight can be a struggle.”

You may not know this, but Aniston does not have naturally straight hair. Le gasp! The actress actually has wavy, often very frizzy, dark brown hair that she has to domesticate on a regular basis. See? She’s just like us!

But we’re all about loving yourself around here, so let’s give the ol’ tip of the hat to the curly-haired beautiful people of Hollywood. Because, why not?

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BeyoncePhoto courtesy of Andres Otero /

Although Queen Bey often wears her hair straight, she has gorgeous curly hair. We kind of wish she would show it off more often. Are we right, or are we right?

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
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Justin Timberlake has been wearing his hair slicked back of late — which we love — but we do miss that adorable head of tight curls he used to sport in the ’90s. Bring it back, J.T.!


ShakiraPhoto courtesy of DJDM /

Curls don’t lie! Shakira is famous for her beautiful head of tight curls that she’s never afraid to show off. Why can’t everyone be as fearless as this woman?

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas
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Aww… Nick Jonas is not only super cute, but he also has adorable curly brown hair. Can he be any more perfect? We don’t think so. Just look at him!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica ParkerPhoto courtesy of Michael Carpenter /

Sarah Jessica Parker‘s beautiful curls first gained fame on Sex and the City and haven’t left our sight since. Parker just makes them so darn sexy, we can hardly handle it.

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftPhoto courtesy of Andres Otero /

Remember when Taylor Swift first came out on the music scene with her cute blond curly mane? She has since been toning down her natural waves, but we wish she’d bring them back.

Meg Ryan

Meg RyanPhoto courtesy of Joseph Marzullo /

Well, Meg Ryan’s face may have been changing throughout the years, but her hair is forever curly. The actress has obviously figured out a hairdo that works for her, and we have no complaints.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Photo courtesy of Brian To /

OK, ever since Pretty Woman, we have been obsessed with Julia Roberts‘ hair. We wish we could have it — either on our heads or on a display (which we recognize is really weird). Love it!

Which curly-haired celebrity is your personal mane idol?

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