How to shop your closet like a fashion editor

Mar 14, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Want to dress like the Anna Wintours or Miroslava Dumas of the world? Wise up to what you already have in your wardrobe, and sift through it with the eyes of an editor.

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Pick your favourites

Everyone — even fashion editors — owns a few pieces of clothing they can't wait to wear on a regular basis. Pull those items from your closet, lay them out on your bed, and start building outfits from there. Pair your little black dress with a blue blazer, or mix and match accessories to see how many ensembles you can create using a few items.

Organize everything

All you have to do is visit the website The Coveteur to see that every fashion editor has an exceptionally organized closet. Shoes are stored in clear boxes; sweaters are folded or hung by type (crew necks, collared, etc.); and accessories are perfectly laid out in drawers or boxes. The only way to know what you have to wear is to see everything you own.

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Strategically mix in trending styles

It's rare that you'll see a fashion editor wear one trend from head to toe. The reason? They know it's best to pair an item that's de rigueur with one or two others that are classic. To ensure your wardrobe is up to sartorially smart snuff, figure out which classic pieces you own, and then head to your local Forever 21 or Winners to buy trendier items you can wear for one or two seasons.

See what's missing

Another key step in creating a wardrobe that would rock the runway like a fashion editor's is to ask the simple question of "what’s missing?" Often we lack key staple items that would transform the clothes we already own. Do you have a black blazer? If not, you need one. What about gold bangles or a bold boyfriend watch? Adding these items to your closet will ensure it's always A-list ready.

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Get a second opinion

Those best-dressed stars you see walking the runway? They chose their ensemble with the help of one — if not two or three — trusted friends and advisers. We all should do the same. From asking a pal whether something fits (if it doesn't, remove it from your wardrobe, and either take it to a second-hand clothing store or have it tailored) to whether a colour looks good with your skin tone, having a second opinion is an absolute must when organizing an awesome arsenal of clothing.

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