Prescription Google Glasses and other wearable gadgets

While tech lovers everywhere are geeking out over Google Glasses’ transition into the prescription eyewear market, we wondered what other fashionable tech gadgets were out there.

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You may not be wearing internet-ready eye-wear anytime soon but you can get your tech-loving hands on these items right now. Who says you can’t be fashionable and tech-savvy at the same time? We like to call it fashion-forward.


Memi bracelet |

Are you waiting for an important text message, calendar alert or call but your purse is a silencing black hole? MEMI is the solution to all your problems. This chic bracelet uses Bluetooth technology and vibrations to alert you to important notifications based on your customized settings. (, $15)


Toq watch |

Toq is not your average wrist wear. Qualcomm, a mobile device maker, has created a smartwatch that connects with your Android phone to display texts, phone calls, music libraries and so on. (, $350)

Rusty Hoodie Buddie

Rusty hoodie buddie |

Rusty’s Hoodie Buddie sweatshirt is hiding a huge secret — headphones! Rusty has created a sweatshirt featuring earbud drawstrings. The waterproof earbuds make the sweatshirt easy to wash, so wearing it every day doesn’t have to become a problem. (, $30)

Fitbit Flex

FitBit |

Looking to keep track of your daily physical activity or sleep to improve your health? Fitbit Flex tracks your activity to one of your electronic devices through a sleek, simple bracelet. (, $99)

Cogito Pop

This playful yet stylish watch allows you to check important notifications with a quick glance. Cogito Pop is perfect for the busy, socially connected woman. (, $130)

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