Refresh your tresses: Hot spring hair trends to try

After a long winter of lopsided ponytails and dried-out locks, your tresses could definitely use a little freshening up. Here are five trendy hairstyles for spring 2013 that will revamp your look with minimal effort.

spring hair trends

The low knot

While buns were the talk of Tinseltown for a while, they’re out this season, having been replaced with the low-lying knot. The chic look is also super easy to achieve, which makes it even better in our books. First, straighten your hair, and pull it all together in a tight ponytail just underneath the level of your ears. Then attach the bottom of the ponytail to the top with a bobby pin, leaving the end sticking out. You can also pin the end on the inside so it doesn’t show if you’re in the mood for a sleeker look. The best part? The bun doesn’t have to be perfect, and the knot can be done any way you like.

The low ponytail

Even easier than the low-lying knot is the low pony. When you’re looking for a quick way to doll yourself up, this look is ideal. Just tie your hair below the ears, and keep it loose; no need to tie the ponytail tightly. You can also substitute your elastic for a long, thin hair barrette, as seen on the runway during the Michael Kors spring 2013 show.

Natural waves

Rather than straightening the waves out of your locks, let your hair run wild this spring. Wild, unruly waves are hot this season, and the look is easy to achieve. Invest in a good leave-in conditioner to repair the damage winter caused, and let your locks flow free and loose this spring.

Hair accessories

With the colourful season approaching, it’s time to give some thought to hair accessories. From bright headbands to bling hairpieces, hair accessories will take your tresses from dull to wow in no time. We suggest you embrace neon headbands, colourful silk bandanas and large hair bows to be on trend.

Pixie cut

If you’re contemplating a major change and bold enough to try it, the pixie cut is a hot hairstyle for spring and summer 2013. Stars like Rihanna and Charlize Theron make the hairstyle look ultra glam. Plus, we can’t help but love the minimal maintenance this style requires.

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