7 Hair accessories to tame winter-ravaged tresses

The bitter cold and harsh winds of winter can give hair quite a beating. But with these fun accessories, you can return your hair to its former glory in just moments.

french twist clip

French twist clip

If your hair lacks volume and doesn’t look its best when worn down and loose, we have an easy solution. Even the most tired hair can be made to look glamorous when pulled into a chic French twist, and achieving the style is very doable when you have the right accessories. This Ficcare “Maximas Medium” hair clip will hold your hair in place all day long (nordstrom.com, $39). There’s a variety of colours and sizes to choose from so you can pick the perfect piece for your unique needs.

bun doughnut

Hair doughnut

Plenty of celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Gwyneth Paltrow, pull their hair into tight, neat buns when they walk the red carpet. It’s a glamorous style that can be rocked no matter the state of your hair, and it’s easy to do with the help of a hair doughnut (hm.com, $5). Simply tie your hair into a ponytail, and pull the ponytail through the centre of the doughnut. Then place sections of your hair all around the doughnut, and secure underneath with bobby pins. You’ll have a chic, put-together look in minutes!

floral beaded headband

Floral beaded headband

A headband is an easy, worry-free way to control damaged tresses. Headbands can be worn with your favourite updos or your more casual hair-down looks with equal success. This floral beaded headband comes in three glittering shades, each of which will add pops of sparkle and bring some glam back to your do (forever21.com, $8).

bobby pins

Decorative hairpins

Do you have broken strands that don’t want to stay in place? Then you’ll need some quality pins. This set of geometric hairpins will hold those pesky strands in place (etsy.com $8). Or for a more classic touch, check out these vintage-inspired, shabby-chic flower pins (etsy.com, $12). Decorative hairpins can add the gorgeous dashes of colour and style you’re looking for.

knit headband

Hand-knit flower headband

Picture this: a hair accessory that keeps you warm, has a touch of springtime femininity and that keeps your winter-ravaged tresses in line. You aren’t dreaming! This beautiful hand-knit pink flower headband can accomplish all those tasks at once (etsy.com, $18). Plus it’s one of a kind and handmade, so you won’t have to worry about spotting someone else sporting the same look.

floral headwrap

Floral head wrap

If you’re tired of heavy winter accessories and are looking for something to brighten up your wardrobe, you’ll love this Cara Accessories “Secret Garden” head wrap (nordstrom.com, $29). The bright floral print will help shake you out of your winter blues, and with several other equally lovely prints to choose from, you can coordinate your look however you like.

cloche hatCloche hat

If you’ve ever had one of those days when you have tons errands to run but your hair is a disaster, you aren’t alone. It’s OK if you’d rather tuck your hair securely under a hat rather than deal with it. In such cases, simply pull on this chic “Jiraira” cloche hat (aldoshoes.com, $20). You have a right to take a day off from hair woes, and this is a stylish way to do it!

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