Winter revamp: Easy ways to instantly feel prettier

The winter blues can get the best of just about anyone. Before they knock you out cold, here are a few tips to instantly revive your look and feel gorgeous again.

winter beauty

Go for some cheek love

Blush can do wonders for the skin. In winter, when our skin hasn’t seen the sun for what seems like forever, we can easily get a case of the pasty blues. Just a little pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks can instantly make you look more radiant.

Try some bronzer

While opting for a super-dark shade of bronzer that doesn’t match your pale neck is a huge no-no, a slight hint of colour can help you look and feel more awake and vibrant.

Avoid dark hues

Dark eyeshadows and lip colours can be super trendy, but they can also make the mood a little drab. Even though it’s winter, feel free to use a bit of bold colour on your lips or some sparkle on your eyelids. One glimpse in the mirror at your brighter look will be enough to instantly make you feel glamorous.

Wear lighter nail polish

While black, navy and grey can be gorgeous, they can also get a little blah after a while. A lighter shade on your fingertips (which you might be staring at as you type all day at the office) can help lighten your mood and bring back that summertime feeling. And let’s face it: We all feel beautiful in the summer!

Use some illuminatorilluminator

A dash of illuminator on the cheekbones can be a total lifesaver during the long winter. We hardly glow without our usual sun-kissed complexion, so a little brightness can go a long way.

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