5 Fall hair trends

Summer has come and gone, but instead of falling into the winter blues, why not appreciate all fall has to offer?

Fabulous fall hairstyles
Fall ponytail

Let’s check out the latest in hair trends for this season that will surely cheer you up!

Ah, the smell of fallen leaves is wafting through the air, the temperatures have dropped below the boiling point, and Thanksgiving is upon us… What a joyous time it is, indeed! And as with any seasonal change, we have new trends!

Now, let’s be honest here: Who would actually pass up an opportunity to visit the neighbourhood hair salon? Nobody. So, ladies, here are the five trendiest, trendy trends off the runway that can easily be applied to your own little autumn makeover. Shall we begin?

Sleek ponytails

Fall is a beautiful season, and though it’s always very Wuthering-Heights-standing-on-the-moor-in-the-high-winds-looking-stunning in our heads, in reality autumn often leads to unhealthy amounts of hair being swallowed and stuck in our eyes due to aforementioned high winds — not particularly stunning. Cue the updo.

This season brings us several options for staying up-to-date with the latest in hair fashion whilst keeping our sanity. For a windy day, opt for a sleek ponytail (key word being sleek, not saggy, frayed, gym pony). The hairbrush is your friend as is hairspray (to keep the flyaways at bay). Brush your hair back in a high ponytail, secure with a simple black elastic, and indulge in a light mist of hairspray. Bam! Done.

Twists and braids

If you’re looking for something with a little more personality, buns and twists are also welcome. For a Victorian look, twist your hair toward the back of your head (picking more of it as you go), gather it into a messy bun, and secure with hairpins. For a cleaner look, French- or Dutch-braid along the hairline into a chignon. It’s easy but visually intriguing.

Bangs or deep side parts

If you want to make a dramatic change but aren’t willing to chop off your hair, may we interest you in bangs? This fall season bangs are hotter than Penelope Cruz. Anything goes: side, straight across, long, short — the world is your oyster! They’re guaranteed to bring attention to your eyes and gorgeous face.

If even the thought of cutting your bangs brings on an anxiety attack, perhaps a deep side part will do? For this clean look, part your hair at the highest peak of either eyebrow (which side depends solely on your preference), pull your hair back into a bun, secure with bobby pins if necessary, and hairspray for longevity. You now look incredibly enticing!

Hair embellishments

Forget bedazzled jean pockets or sparkly cell phone covers! This autumn, all eyes will be on your head (for non-weird reasons). Think ornate headbands, jewelled hair clips and ties… These dainty, pretty things will complement a clean do or a messy nest of hair, so experiment! But don’t overdo; nobody wants to look like a human jewellery box.

Cool blonde

This fall, ditch your warm blonde tones for cooler shades. If you’re adventurous, try out an all-over icy blonde, or to remain on the safer side of things, experiment with highlights. And if you’re reluctant to go all out, try ash blonde for an on-trend look that is a bit less dramatic. Don’t forget to consult a colour specialist even if you’re embarking on the colour change at home. We don’t want to hear horror stories of green hair or burnt ends.

So there they are, the five magic rules to this season’s hair. Just remember: Take care of your hair first and foremost — these are trends, not miracle workers — don’t be afraid to consult professionals, and have fun with it!

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