Makeup tips for moms on the go

With so few moments to get yourself ready, as a busy mom, doing your makeup needs to take as little time as possible. Here are some tips just for you.

Mom applying makeup

When you always feel like you’re running late and have a million things to do, your makeup routine may fall by the wayside. But unless you want to end up in Carmindy’s chair on an episode of What Not to Wear, a quick makeup job is doable and worth investing the few minutes it’ll take to make you look refreshed and put together rather than tired and ashen. Here’re some easy tips you can fit into your hectic day.

Use multi-tasking beauty products

If you’ve already got an enormous diaper bag filled with diapers, snacks, toys and so on, the last thing you want is to carry along a whole lot of makeup too. Products that multi-task will whittle down what you need to use and keep on you. A tint such as Benefit Cosmetics Benetint is universally flattering, and you can use it to both brighten up your cheeks and pretty up your pout. A BB cream is also a must-have for busy moms; it fills the job of a luminizer, primer, moisturizer, sunscreen and sometimes an anti-aging cream as well! A mineral powder foundation tackles two tasks at once: It helps get rid of shine while evening your skin tone, and you get natural SPF protection as well. Try one from Jane Iredale.

Use products that don’t require reapplication

A sheer gloss can be swiped on quickly, but like all lip glosses, it disappears quickly too. You would be better off using a tinted lip balm, such as one from Burt’s Bees, or a lip balm stain, such as the new ones from Revlon, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

Open up those eyes

Most moms are sleep deprived, so anything to help wake up those tired eyes has to be part of your makeup routine. Use an eyelash curler to curl those lashes and make your eyes appear bigger in an instant. A sheer, shimmery neutral shadow swept across the lids will also help brighten up the area (use a cream shadow if you want a super-quick application with your finger or even directly from the stick). Finally, a few quick coats of black mascara will take your eyes from exhausted to wow. The new one from Rimmel, Scandal’eyes, promises to plump your lashes with collagen and keratin.

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