Showing skin in a sexy yet sophisticated way

With all the sheer fabrics, lace decorations and quirky cuts, showing skin this summer is easier than ever. But how much is too much? Read on for tips on how you can let your radiant skin shine in sexy yet sophisticated ways.

Sophisticated summer style
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Play up your favourite bit

We all have a part of us that we like showing off more than others. Whether that’s your smooth shoulders, your toned calves or your decolletage, find that part you love, and play it up! When shopping this summer, look for pieces that emphasize that one area rather than pieces that draw attention to virtually everything. When you focus on showing off the area of your body you love most, you can feel sexy and confident without feeling as though you have to put everything on display.

Go vintage

Fashion lovers of decades past knew all about sexy yet sophisticated style — it’s what they were all about! The ’40s brought focus to women’s small waists and hourglass figures; the ’50s welcomed wide necklines and a sprinkling of bare shoulders; and the ’60s said hello to miniskirts and sleek silhouettes. Throughout the 20th century, women managed to look darn sexy while still leaving a whole lot to the imagination. And there are plenty of modern-day twists on the retro feel for you to snag. Zara’s crossover back dress, for example, lets you be the perfect image of a lady in the front, but then provides a sexy surprise with its low back. Or if you prefer a flowier shape with emphasis on your decolletage, check out their tunic with a gathered waist.

Trust the numbers

Think of all the parts of your body that can be emphasized through the cut and shape of your clothing: arms, legs, chest, back and silhouette are the major ones. When putting together an outfit, aim to showcase only one or two of these at a time. For instance, if you want to wear a short, tight-fitting skirt, pick out a shirt that covers your chest, arms and back well. Similarly, if you’re going for a low-cut blouse, pair it with a skirt or shorts that aren’t too revealing. Summer fashion is a balancing act, so before you head out the door, do a little bit of “style math,” and make sure you’re walking the perfect line of sexy and classy.

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