Finding the perfect underwear for you

It’s hard to feel comfortable when you have the wrong pair of underwear on. Fortunately, with so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a pair just perfect for you. Read on for tips on finding your ideal bottoms.

Picking the perfect panties
Woman shopping for underwear

For clingy clothes

For a super-clingy dress or tight leggings, a thong or G-string is often best. But all too often these items are loaded with unnecessary frills and trims that make them less discreet under tell-all fabrics. Fortunately some options out there get it right. For a smooth, truly no-show look, try Victoria’s Secret’s Incredible thong panty. The stretchy fabric and simple style make it perfect for all-day wear.

For minimal lines

There’s nothing attractive about underwear that fits too tightly. A pinched look on your sides or bum can cause you to look larger than you really are. That’s why finding underwear that fits properly is so important. Look for styles that don’t have tight elastics on the seat or waist. Also keep an eye out for options with wide waistbands. Consider something along the lines of La Senza’s Lingeristas lace waist cotton hipster. The style is available at La Senza stores in dozens of colours and patterns, so you can sport underwear that is both sexy and properly fitted.

For lounging

When you just want to feel comfortable, start with the perfect pair of panties. Look for smooth, breathable fabrics, comfortable wasitbands and simple cuts. Jockey’s Naturals Seamfree hipster and many others fit these criteria, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you.

For exercise

Working out in ill-fitting underwear or panties that hold on to sweat can make exercising frustrating. That’s why going for the right fit and fabric is key. Look for something like Lululemon’s groovy girlshort. The fabric’s high lycra content makes them quick drying, and they shape to the body perfectly. Plus, the laser cut finishing allows the underwear to remain hidden under tight workout clothes.

For a confidence boost

A cute pair of heels or a well-fitted dress can be great for boosting self-esteem. But sometimes a sexy undergarment can do just as much or more to provide a confidence kick. The important thing is not to bother with pieces you think look sexy; instead, choose underwear you feel comfortable in. Look for panties in a cut and colour you love and can move around in freely. When you do that, the sense of confidence you gain is tremendous!

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