Makeup products every woman should have

There are certain items we all should have in our closet, such as an LBD. Similarly, when it comes to our makeup bags, there are certain products we all need to own.

Woman applying makeup

Even if you don’t like to wear makeup, you should own these staples. You may not wear each product every day, but there are occasions and events where we can all use some help to look a little more alive — like you, only better — and these products will help you achieve that.


Even those of us blessed with glowing, perfect skin get the occasional pimple or dark circles under the eyes. Hide imperfections with these virtual “erasers.” It’s a good idea to have two types: a heavier, creamier one for those harder concealment jobs you sometimes need to tackle, and a sheerer one that’s more lightweight for most days when you probably only need light coverage.


Foundation will give you an even, flawless complexion with a nice tone and glow. To ensure you buy the right shade, choose two or three options closest to your skin tone, and apply three swipes of it on your jawline in the store. A natural look is ideal, so choose the shade that blends seamlessly into your skin.


If only we could always look like we have that natural flush that wakes up our face. Oh, wait. We can have that — all we need is a little blush. Blush can instantly warm up your face. A quick application of a rosy shade to your apples of the cheeks is an instant pick-me-up. A gel or cream blush will give you a more dewy finish, which can look more natural in the summer months.


If there’s one product that can do wonders for your appearance all on its own, it’s mascara. Swiping on a few coats will open up your eyes, making you look more perky and awake. And after all, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, you want to emphasize them.


Lipstick (or lip stain, tinted balm or gloss) is a super-speedy way to look less washed out. The added colour to your pout can transform your entire appearance and perhaps even boost your mood. A neutral rosy pink is flattering on everyone and easy to wear every day.

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