5 Reasons to wear primer

If it’s flawless skin you’re after, one of the best products you can buy (if you’re not already using it) is a primer. Here are five ways primer will help get you that perfect-looking complexion.

Flawless skin

The idea of adding a product to your beauty regimen might not be appealing (you’re trying to simplify it, after all), but applying a primer can offer so many benefits that it’s worth making the investment — of time, effort and money. Much like how applying a primer to your walls will result in a better paint job, a primer applied to your face will give you better-looking skin. Here’s what a primer will help with:

Smoothes the skin

If your skin is not the smoothest — say, you have some minor imperfections, bumps or an uneven texture — applying a primer before your foundation helps to level out the skin and give it a silky, even look.

Evens out skin tone and appearance

If you have minor scars from acne or other trauma to your skin, a primer can help mask these small flaws. You’ll still have to apply concealer, of course, but applying a primer beforehand will help your concealer blend in and last on your skin.

Preps skin for foundation

If you’ve dished out on a luxe foundation, you’ll want to do what you can to make it last on your skin and look its best. A primer can help you achieve this. It lays down a layer that evens the skin’s texture (see above) and helps the foundation glide on and adhere better, so you’ll have longer-lasting, great-looking makeup. You won’t have to worry about your makeup turning out cakey.

Minimizes pores, fine lines and wrinkles

If you feel like you have enormous pores and you’re self-conscious about them, using a primer can help them disappear by creating a masking effect (don’t worry, primers will not fill in and clog your pores). The same goes for your fine lines and wrinkles; a primer virtually fills them in and helps prevent foundation or any other makeup from highlighting them.

Reduces shine

If you suffer from a shiny T-zone, a primer can absorb oil and prevent this sheen from appearing. If you’re more keen on this mattifying effect than about any of the other benefits of using a primer, you can apply it sparingly to only your forehead, nose and chin, leaving the rest of your face primer-free.

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