Pros and cons of hiring a makeup artist for your wedding

Many women choose to rely on a makeup artist to complete their look for the big day. Is hiring a professional the right choice for you? Take a look at our pros and cons, then decide for yourself!

Bridal makeup

Pro: It’s one less thing to think about

There are a million and one things to think about on your wedding day. Does the caterer have everything in order? Have the flowers arrived? Are your vows just how you want them? So having one less thing to worry about can be great. Most makeup artists come to you, which is a big time saver, and you can do a practice run in advance so you know what to expect when the day arrives.

Con: It can be expensive

If you’re on a tight budget, hiring a makeup artist may be an unnecessary expense. This is because you will likely get ready with your bridal party, and if you have your makeup done for you, it is often considered customary that you cover the cost of your bridesmaids’ looks as well. So you’ll save yourself a good amount of money if you and your bridesmaids get together and do your makeup yourselves. You can still have a blast preparing even if your look isn’t professionally done.

Pro: It can make you feel special

Everyone loves to be pampered, and giving yourself an extra treat on your wedding day just might be the boost you need. Makeup artists are specially trained to emphasize your best features and can give you that look you’ve been admiring in a magazine for months.

Con: You may not look quite like yourself

When Kate Middleton married Prince William, she elected to do her makeup herself because she wanted him to recognize her. Though one would expect someone as well off financially as Kate is to place her look in the hands of a professional, the duchess may be on to something here. As experienced as makeup artists are, they haven’t been tending to your face for years as you have. And that could lead to your makeup being absolutely perfect in nature but not seeming quite like you. It’s important to find a balance between looking like the beautiful person you are and still feeling special.

Be honest

If you do decide to hire a makeup artist, don’t be afraid to be honest. After all, the photos will last a lifetime and you want to feel your best on your big day. So pick a professional you trust and that you are comfortable talking with openly. Your wedding day is about you and your partner, so make whatever decision will make you happiest.

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