3 Of our favourite green beauty brands from Canada

Canada’s known for its cold weather, hockey and poutine — and soon it will be known for its bounty of fantastic natural beauty brands. Here are three you should check out, if you haven’t already.

Green beauty products

More and more of us are concerned about the chemical ingredients in our beauty products. After all, we’re slathering them onto our skin. Who knows what we’re absorbing or the effect they’ll have on our long-term health?

So it’s a relief to know that there are companies right here in Canada producing quality natural products we can feel at ease using. Here are three of our favourites.

Green Beaver

This eco-certified, organic line hails from Quebec, with a husband-and-wife team behind it. The two were inspired by their son (who was always ingesting bubble bath during bath time) to create a natural line they knew was safe. As much of the ingredients, packaging and other materials as possible are sourced from Canada. The line has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, with some of the newest additions being a gluten-free collection for those with a sensitivity or celiac disease; and, launching in the spring, Green Beaver Daily Face Cream SPF 15.

Diane Lai

Much like Green Beaver (above), this all-natural beauty line was inspired by Diane Lai’s son, who, soon after being born, developed eczema over much of his body. This got Lai reading the ingredients in the products on the market and she was shocked to see how many contain ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and lanolin (the latter natural but a common allergen), and she decided to launch her own line. The collection is designed to be soothing and safe for kids and adults alike. A SheKnows favourite: Diane Lai Rejuvenate Daily Moisturizer.

Consonant Body

Consonant Body Organic Skincare is a one-hundred-per-cent-natural line of skincare, all made in Canada. The brand opened its flagship store last year, in Toronto (2479 Yonge St.), where their entire line is available. Two top sellers: Consonant Body Foaming Face Wash, a gentle cleanser featuring tea tree oil and grapeseed oil for their hydrating properties, and Consonant Body Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes dark circles.

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