Find a swimsuit for your shape

The mere idea of shopping for a bathing suit sends plenty of us running for cover. But knowing what styles are flattering for your shape can save you time and energy (and sanity) when hitting up the swimsuit department.

Women in swimsuits at the beach

If you’ve got a beach vacation in the near future, chances are you’re looking forward to your holiday. But shopping for a bathing suit? Not so much. Swimsuit shopping is one of those experiences that make us truly panic. But it can be an easier task if you know what will flatter your body and shape, highlighting your best features while downplaying others. Here are some tips and tricks on how to find the most flattering suit for you.

If you have a big chest

Look for swimsuits that give you enough support — i.e., one with actual cups and an underwire — whether it’s a bikini (no string bikinis for you!) or a one-piece. A two-piece that is available in mix-and-match will make sizing easier if your top half is more ample than your bottom half.

If you have a smaller chest

Look for swimsuits that play up your bosom with pattern, ruffles and other details. Add extra shape with padded cups. You can definitely get away with string bikinis, if you’re not concerned with the lack of support.

If you have a zaftig backside

Draw the attention upwards by opting for a bathing suit with a plunging neckline. Also use colour and pattern to your advantage: patterns and brighter colours or white on top, with black or navy below, to downplay your lower half. Ensure your bottoms give you ample coverage; styles such as boy shorts and fuller coverage briefs will do the trick.

If you’re thick around the middle

Look for a style with a slightly higher waistband for the bottom piece, or a one-piece with a belt or detail that will cinch in your waist to create the illusion of curves. A tankini is an optimal style, too, with the separate top and bottom subtly giving you more of a waist. Alternatively, a very high-waisted bottom (think retro, 1960s styles) will draw the eye to the smallest part of your torso.

If you have an athletic build

Flaunt your toned lower half with details around the hips (thinking ruching, rings, ruffles, etc.). Avoid tankinis and standard one-pieces, which will make you appear less curvy.

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