3 classic makeup looks every woman should master

Along with a crisp white shirt and a little black dress in her closet, every woman should have some classic beauty looks at her fingertips: the red lip, the cat’s eye and false eyelashes.

Perfect red lips

Some beauty looks return season after season. These looks are sexy and timeless and every woman should learn how to pull them off effortlessly.

The red lip

The perfect red pout is a look that’s here to stay — every fashion week, you’re sure to see it in a few shows. But many of us shy away from such a bold colour. If this is you, ease into it by blotting the colour onto your lips and each day adding a bit more lipstick, essentially training yourself to see this bright hue as “you.”

If you have issues with lipstick bleeding, use a lip liner in the same shade of red. Or, for a more modern and softer take, skip the liner and use a lip brush to apply the colour. Brushing rather than swiping on the lipstick directly from the tube allows more of the product to set into the skin of your lips. Dust a light layer of translucent powder overtop to help set the product, which will give it more staying power, and then apply another coat of lipstick.

Fake eyelashes

For long, luscious lashes, you can augment yours with mascara, but false lashes often give more – more length, more volume, more impact. And they’re easier to apply than you think.

Start by giving yourself plenty of time so you don’t have to rush. (Don’t decide to wear false lashes when you have to be out the door in five minutes!) Set yourself up at a table with a hand mirror, tweezers, eyelash glue, a set of false lashes and some cotton swabs. Remove the cottony swab from the plastic stick and apply a small dab of glue at the end. Drag this bit of glue across the base of the eyelash strip. Sitting down and leaning over your hand mirror, using tweezers to hold the lash, gently apply the lash to your lash line. Don’t worry if there’s a tiny bit of glue showing — you can hide this by applying eyeliner once the lashes are set. If you are having trouble aligning the whole lash, you may find it easier to snip each fake lash into two or three sections so that you have a smaller strip to work with at a time.

Cat's eye makeupThe cat’s eye

If only Brigitte Bardot could know that the cat’s eye she wore in the 60s is still a coveted look so many years later!

Start by lining your upper lash line. Then, touch your eyelid with your finger. Where you feel the line of bone at the outer corner of your eye, draw a small dot with your eyeliner. This marks the outer tip of your cat’s eye. Starting at this dot, draw the eyeliner towards your lash line, making the line thicker as you draw.

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