Best hairstyles for your face shape

Select a new fall hairstyle that’s flattering for every part of your face. Choose a style that brings out your best features and minimizes the features you don’t care for. Feisal Qureshi, creative director of Raincry in Oakville, gave us tips on how to choose the perfect hairstyle.

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Know your face shape

“You must ensure your haircut flatters your face; this determines whether or not it looks good. It must balance out the deficiencies in the face. Where you are narrow you need volume; where you’re too wide, take away volume. Create a hairstyle that contours and redefines. Look at your body frame as well, it must be conducive to the haircut. Long hair on a short woman will make her look shorter. Short hair on a wide woman will emphasize her width,” says Qureshi.

For Oval, round and oblong shapes

When it comes to face shapes, Qureshi says, “You can do almost any haircut you want with an oval face. A round face has a smaller forehead, so avoid bangs and create volume on top; the end result is to ensure the look of an oval-shaped face. An oblong face is long, with a larger forehead. Length doesn’t matter as long as you create width rather than height, which can be achieved with chin length layers; bangs will make the face not look so long.”

For square and diamond-shaped faces

“If you have a square face, stay away from bangs because they square the face off even more. Avoid short hair; medium to long lengths are great provided you have enough hair to bring forward toward the jaw line to help contour your face. A diamond face is narrow at the chin and hairline with great cheekbones. Stay away from volume through the cheekbones and build it through the jaw and hairline. Bangs will help cover up the narrowness of the hairline. Texturize the ends to balance the narrowness through the chin,” Qureshi says.

For pear and heart shapes

“Pear-shaped faces are narrow through the hairline; the jaw line is wider, so go for height and width above the ears to balance the broadness of the chin. Heart-shaped faces are the opposite of the pear; the chin is narrow and the forehead broader. Go for longer lengths with more width at the chin,” says Qureshi.

Based on Qureshi’s advice, there are options for every type of face shape. There are always exceptions, so don’t limit yourself to certain hairstyles. With these suggestions, you can’t go wrong.

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Pick the best hairstyle for your face shape

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