J.Crew’s new collection has nothing to do with clothes

J.Crew and Band-Aid are just two brands joining forces to make cuts and scrapes a little more adorable. Sure, it might be ridiculous to spend an extra two dollars to have designer bandages, but hey, live a little.

Plus, look at them.

J. Crew designer Band-aids

Think of it this way. One a day when you’re stressed out, late for work, sleep deprived and slice your finger on who-knows-what because that’s just your luck at a moment like this, that lightning bolt might actually make you feel a little better.

J. Crew Band-aid collaboration

And, it looks way cooler wrapped around your finger than a ratty old brown one. It screams, “I’m a hot, klutzy mess, but at least I look good doing it.”

Two Broke Girls GIF

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The collection is available in stores starting this month for a whopping $5.

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