14 Pairs of tights to give your favorite dress a different look

The world has always been divided into two types of women: those who adore tights and those who want them to be abolished. We’ve always belonged to the latter camp and are already planning on adding to our ever-growing collection with these multitalented pairs.

1) Hanes Blackout Boot Liner Tights (hanes.com, $15)

Hanes Blackout Boot Liner Tights (hanes.com, $15)

For the dress lover with a case of cold feet, these boot tights from Hanes are like a dream come true. They feature a comfort sock for added warmth and traction so you’ll stay warm and prevent boot slippage.

2) DKNY Sequin Embellished tights (nordstrom.com, $28)

DKNY Sequin Embellished tights

The winter months can feel so dark and blah with all the black reigning our wardrobes, but a bit of sequin detail can instantly take your black opaque tights from drab to oh so fab.

3) I’ll Stand by Mew tights (modcloth.com, $18) 

I'll Stand by Mew tights

Get a little catty this winter with an adorable pair of cat patterned tights. They’re just enough to make a subtle statement without taking you too far out of your tights comfort zone.

4) Colorful Opaque Tights in Fandango Pink (Target, $8)

Colorful Opaque Tights

Sometimes we get a little sick of our dark winter wardrobe and just want a taste of summer’s brights. It’s those days we throw on a pair of tights that aren’t black to make a colorful statement.

5) Fleece Tights (hm.com, $13) 

Fleece Tights

If no matter how hard you try your legs and feet just can’t seem to get warm in tights, it’s about time you jump on the fleece tight bandwagon. Your toasty toes will thank you for it, trust us.

6) Polka Dot Tights in Black (oldnavy.gap.com, $11)

Polka Dot Tights in Black

Polka dot tights are a wardrobe essential for any lady who prefers the quirky things in life. This pair would look adorable paired with flirty fit and flares and chic pencil skirts alike.

7) Muk Luks 2-Pack Animal Print Tights (Kohl’s, $30) 

Muk Luks 2 Pack Animal Print Tights

For the lady who just can’t seem to kick her tights habit, this animal print pair offers a stylish yet totally unique look from your go-to polka dots and black pairs.

8) Spanx Reversible Tights in Bik/Bittersweet (qvc.com, $34)

Spanx Reversible Tights

Who doesn’t love a two-for? These reversible tights give you two pairs in two different colors for the price of one, so you’ll get your money’s worth and then some.

9) Yummie by Heather Thomson Control High-Waist Tights (barenecessities.com, $44)

Yummie by Heather Thomson Control High-Waist Tights

Thank God for control top tights, right? Pairs like this one suck you right in and smooth things out so you can put your best foot forward in that curve-hugging dress you’ve been dying to test drive.

10) Cashmere Ribbed Tights (freepeople.com, $42)

Cashmere Ribbed Tights

Is there any fabric more luxe than cashmere? If there is, we haven’t found it yet. We can’t believe we waited this long to get ourselves a pair of cashmere blend tights, but we sure won’t be going back now.

11) Over the Knee Socks in Oxblood (missguidedus.com, $8) 

Over the Knee Socks in Oxblood

Our fave celebs are bringing back the over-the-knee school girl knee sock look, so we’re feeling pretty confident about rocking the trend ourselves this season.

12) Ribbed Sweater Tights in grey (bananarepublicgap.com, $20) 

Ribbed Sweater Tights in grey

Sweaters represent all that is cozy and warm in the winter, so why not extend the trend to your legs? These ribbed sweater tights from Banana Republic offer style and warmth, so you can face the elements looking fab.

13) Floral Tights (thelimited.com, $23) 

Floral Tights

With the cooler temps and impending snow, no one will blame you for daydreaming a bit about warmer days and spring flowers. These sexy floral tights can help you jumpstart your journey to la la land.

14) Fishnet Tights (nastygal.com, $22) 

Fishnet Tights

If you live in a climate where it’s not insanely cold in the winter and you can get away with rocking fishnets, consider us jealous. When done right, they can be insanely sexy, not trashy.

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