11 Addicting YouTube channels for beauty how-tos

There are so many videos on YouTube it’s hard not to end up all verklempt just thinking about it. Aside from the videos of kittens and yawning puppies is a wide selection from beauty experts whose mission in life is to help you amp up your beauty routine — but seriously, how do you decide which experts are the cheese to your macaroni? I mean, trying to search for a simple cat eye tutorial garners over 500,000 search results.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you sift through the high video count and subscribe to the best of the best. I don’t know how to put this, but these ladies are kind of a big deal:

1. Michelle Phan (7,000,000+ subscribers)

The most subscribed beauty channel, Michelle Phan‘s goal is to teach and inspire everyone to become their own best makeup artist (and I’m pretty sure it’s working). This vlogging trailblazer offers compelling tutorials on everything from movie-inspired makeup looks to photo posing tips to building more confidence. You want it, Phan’s got it.

2. Jaclyn Hill (1,000,000+ subscribers)

Jaclyn Hill is a vibrant makeup artist with oodles of tutorials you can DIY without having to be a makeup artist yourself. From daytime glam to ’90s grunge, it’ll be hard to find a look you won’t want to try.

3. Andrea Brooks

Just to warn you: Once you start watching Andrea Brooks‘ beauty vlogs (especially her fun hair tutorials), you’re going to find yourself addicted to the fabulousness that are her beauty how-tos. Seriously, you’ll wonder where the afternoon went.

4. Kandee Johnson (2,000,000+ subscribers)

Kandee Johnson has one of the coolest beauty channels around. Her videos include everyday tips and tricks like how to put on false eyelashes and how to apply foundation flawlessly, as well as super-fun makeup tutorials that’ll morph you into Lucille Ball, Edward Scissorhands and the Queen of Hearts to name a few.

5. Elle Fowler (1,000,000+ subscribers)

If you love all things girly, then you’ll love Elle Fowler’s YouTube channel AllThatGlitters21. Along with makeup tutorials, you’ll also find a detailed collection of fashion, health, fitness and decor vlogs.

6. Makeup by Leina (420,000+ subscribers)

California-based makeup artist Leina has compiled oodles of video tutorials that’ll show you how to pull off looks celebs like Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland and Rihanna have rocked.

7. Tanya Burr (2,000,000+ subscribers)

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Tanya Burr offers celeb-inspired beauty and hair tutorials. If you’re looking for affordable alternatives to high-end brands, she’s the vlogger to seek advice from.

8. Patricia Bright


Patricia Bright‘s YouTube channel has an overflowing array of videos about fashion, beauty, hair and life. One of my personal faves: “How to be beautiful when you feel like crap.” If you ever need a boost, you’ll find Patricia’s bubbly personality to be infectious.

9. The Beauty Department (250,000+ subscribers)

Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine teamed up to create The Beauty Department, a beauty channel covering everything from hair and makeup tutorials to beauty trends and issues.

10. bubzbeauty (2,000,000+ subscribers)

A self-proclaimed dork, bubzbeauty is one of the most subscribed beauty gurus on YouTube. She offers fun hair and makeup video tutorials (I’m really excited to try her heart-shaped braids how-to) and takes questions from viewers in her “Ask Bubz” video series.

11. cutepolish (2,000,000+ subscribers)

My personal favorite, cutepolish offers a wide array of nail tutorials, from basic (French manicures) to advanced (plaid, lace and tie-dye).

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