How to revamp an old shirt into a sexy, sporty tee (VIDEO)

Nov 5, 2014 at 3:24 a.m. ET

Give your lucky T-shirt a sexy makeover — it might be just what your team needs.

It's game day. A sacred time where the bathroom breaks are limited and the chips are close at hand. You don your luckiest of T-shirts, invite over your few friends who know when they are allowed to talk, and settle in. Just as your running back catches the ball you leap into the air... and tear the sleeve of your shirt on the fork you were triumphantly holding over those nachos just seconds ago.

Your favorite comfy T-shirt's life does not have to end when it gets a tear. Give it some fashion resuscitation with a couple of minutes and some scissors and you will be back to cheering on the team before halftime is over.


1. Cut an upside down "T," Making sure to leave at least 6 inches at the bottom.

2. Cut the center piece into 3 pieces.

3. Braid.

4. Cut the side pieces into 3 larger pieces.

5. Cut those pieces into 3 pieces and braid.

6. Tie those pieces into the big braid.

7. Cut sleeves off.

8. Cut shoulder piece into 3.

9. Braid.

10. And tie to back piece.

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