Woman pays $150,000 to look like her cartoon caricature (VIDEO)

Aug 26, 2014 at 3:15 p.m. ET
Image: Krystina Butel Via Facebook

People get plastic surgery all the time and for a variety of reasons. Usually, though, you don't hear about someone striving to look like a caricature some carny worker drew.

Krystina Butel, 30, has spent the last 15 years and over $150,000 on beauty treatments and surgery so she can resemble a caricature someone drew of her while she was on vacation. Since that time, she has had five breast enhancements, Botox, lip injections and makeup tattooing, and has more ideas in mind to complete her plan to look like this idealized version of herself.

First of all, I do find it really creepy that a caricature artist drew a 15-year-old girl so provocatively — she appears to be topless, with long hair barely covering her giant boobs. The swim ring she's wearing around her waist, which features a turtle, is looking up at her with love (lust?) in his eyes and hearts blooming from his noggin.

Butel didn't find it creepy, though (and apparently her parents didn't, either). She says that she has used this caricature as a road map of sorts for building a new version of herself. When she first saw it, she claimed that she was jealous of how glamorous it looked.


Standards of beauty are formed throughout our culture in many ways, with media playing a big part — and who's to say that an impressionable teenage girl can't be swayed by what an artist saw as her most interesting features?

She's not alone in the extremes she's going through in order to attain this idealized beauty. And while celebrities are famous for customizing their bodies, even in massively painful ways, it's not limited to the wealthy. Should we judge this woman for internalizing her own ideal and using her own money to bring it to life? I don't think so.


The decidedly unique role model Butel is using is sure to turn heads, and she does resemble the original art — overdrawn, exaggerated and larger than life. She has even incorporated the hearts from the drawing with tattooed heart-shaped areolas, which I honestly find to be pretty cute. And even though I am not interested in pursuing plastic surgery myself, that is no reason to badmouth Butel.

What one person finds beautiful, another does not, and while there are some pretty typical beauty standards that many will agree to, this goes to show that not everyone is on the same page. While Butel may spend thousands more dollars and may not ever reach her perfect ideal, it's her choice so I can't really blame her for trying.

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