Watch this amazing makeup artist transform herself into male celebrities

Aug 22, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Image: Rob Melnychuk/Digital Vision/Getty Images

I am a self-proclaimed makeup fiend. I've had years to perfect application techniques. And if I've counted correctly just now, I've been using cosmetics for a decade and a half. (Mind = blown.)

Sometimes, though, on my bad days, it can still feel like I have no clue what I'm doing with all the brushes, liquids and powders. That's why I applaud people who can contour. And I am totally, completely, 100-percent stunned by this French makeup artist who turns herself into celebrities using just cosmetics. Oh, and not just any celebrities... but male celebrities. Behold some of her transformations:

Chris Brown

Chris Brown |

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Jay Z

Jay-Z |

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LeBron James

Lebron james |

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It's kind of like art, right? Pretty cool.

The makeup artist's name is Magali Beauvue. She's based in Paris, and has developed somewhat of a mini-following online with her Facebook fan page. Her work is so good, even Chris Brown discovered her look (based off a photo of him) and posted it to his Instagram. When you're good, word gets around!

She's also a wizard when it comes to turning herself into female stars like Beyoncé. You can check out all of her looks via her Facebook page, including some regular makeup work that would be great for a night out and appears much more "everygirl." (I mean, her work still puts what you and I do every morning in the bathroom mirror to shame, but you know what I mean.)