16-year-old human Barbie claims she’s had no plastic surgery (VIDEO)

Lolita Richi from Kiev, Ukraine, is a 16-year-old girl whose obsession with looking just like Barbie has dramatically changed the way she looks. The weirdest part? Her mother is totally cool with it.


Mamma mia! Lolita Richi’s mom is one laid-back cookie. This teenager, who spends a ridiculous amount of time, effort, energy and, no doubt, dollars in her quest to look like the best version of a human Barbie doll, is getting loads of support from the place you’d least expect: her mother. Richi’s own “Mommy Dearest” says she’s proud of her daughter’s mission, and she herself is actually really involved in it, taking all the photos that have made Richi something of an internet phenomenon.

16-year-old human Barbie Lolita Richi

Photo credit: Facebook

Richi claims she has had no plastic surgery. That could be true, but I find it highly suspect. If she hasn’t had some sort of cosmetic work done, then I’d like to find out where she buys her bras and corsets she uses to make her waist so teeny-tiny. She does admit that she’s had a little help from wigs and contacts, but that’s it. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working — it’s also deeply strange.

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