4 Ways to stay totally fresh throughout the day

Jul 28, 2014 at 1:45 p.m. ET

I love a good morning routine. There's just something special about starting off your day with a fresh face and a nice cup of tea.

I pretty much start off every single day the same exact way, even if I am on vacation. That means that I pack all of the products I need regardless of the length of my stay away. And yes, I usually always have to check a bag.

Wake up with a splash

My routine ensures that I feel fresh all day long. It all starts off with a morning splash. A rinse with cold water to remove any excess oil that built up overnight. I don't use soap in the morning, believe it or not. I do the majority of cleansing at night right before I get into bed. In the morning, it's more about reviving my skin. A few splashes at the sink is good enough to awaken my cells.

Cleanse and tone

If I am feeling particularly oily, I will then reach for some toner. Toner is something that not many people use these days. It's almost like a lost art. Most products have combined multiple benefits into one and I think women feel that toner must be included in one of their go-to bottles. But I like using one specifically made for sensitive skin and I don’t mind the extra step, truly.

Listen to your skin

Depending on what time of year it is determines my next move. Do I reach for a serum or do I reach for a daily moisturizer? Is my skin breaking out? Does it need a little extra TLC? I constantly change this step in my routine to help combat whatever issues I might have going on around my T-zone.

Hair care

To freshen up my locks, I just spray a little dry shampoo around the roots. It's amazing what a little spritz of that product can do. If my ends are looking a bit frizzy, I reach for some taming cream and lightly apply where needed.

Feeling and staying fresh throughout your day is completely attainable and easy to do. With a few simple steps, I can take care of every issue my body has all while ensuring I won’t have to worry about anything for the remainder of the day.

What steps do you have as part of your morning routine to help you stay fresh all day long?

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