How to personalize a school uniform

Jul 23, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET
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As easy as it might make life for Mom and Dad, kids are almost never fans of school uniforms. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to show off personal style even when khakis and button-downs are the standard issue.


1. Sequined heart

Sequined Heart

Give a whole new meaning to the saying "wear your heart on your sleeve" with this sparkly, sequined pin. Bonus, it doubles as a hair clip. (, $15) 

2. Wild shoelaces

Wild shoelaces

Boring black shoes or sneakers become decidedly more fun with a pair of brightly patterned laces. (Little Miss Matched, $7)

3. Fancy ponytail holders

Fancy ponytail holders

Ponytails are practical, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Glam it up with these embellished elastics. (Anthropologie, $16) 

4. Patterned tights

Patterned tights

As soon as the temperatures drop, tights will be essential. And who doesn't love a polka-dotted version? (Forever 21, $3) 

5. Animal print scarf

Animal print scarf

Scarves are a back-to-school essential. Not only do they add some color, they also help with those over-air-conditioned classrooms. (Old Navy, $13) 


6. Colorful belt

Colorful belt

Whether it's necessary to hold those khakis up or not, a bright belt is one of the easiest ways to personalize a uniform. (Urban Outfitters, $29) 

7. Cool watch

Cool watch

Watches might be less popular thanks to smartphones and iPods, but this preppy grosgrain watch is a back-to-school must-have. (Gap, $13) 

8. Retro ball cap

Retro ball cap

It might not be allowed in the classroom, but until the bell rings this hat will show off a little old-school style. (Forever 21, $10) 

9. Hipster glasses

Hipster glasses

No, they won't help raise anyone’s GPA, but these glasses will at least help affect a more studious air. (Forever 21, $5) 

10. Stylish socks

Stylish socks

Well-coordinated socks are a sign of true sartorial style. You can't go wrong with these varsity pairs. (Gap, $20 for 7 pairs) 

Express yourself

Have fun expressing your own personal style and check out some new gear at the same time with this emoji maker from JCPenney.

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