5 Ways to wear boyfriend jeans

Oct 20, 2013 at 2:32 a.m. ET

Many of us fashion girls have been in a long-term relationship with boyfriend jeans for some time now. Given the variety of styles and colors available, the denim trend is easy to fall in love with.

Simply put, boyfriend jeans are loose, with a relaxed fit. However, the key is finding a pair that complements your body and curves.

I for one love the style and can't get enough of them in my closet. I prefer my boyfriend in a medium wash with a cuffed, tapered leg that shows a little ankle skin and sits above the killer heels I'm sure to be wearing. But as much as I love my boyfriend, I realize not everyone can commit to the style, so here are five ways to make your boyfriend work with your closet. I hope you will see a style that you love and will be inspired to create a look of your own. (Note: I'm wearing H&M boyfriend tapered jeans while writing this story.)

Look No. 1: Fall ready

Some girls dream of having two boyfriends, so why not try your boyfriend jeans with another boyfriend piece. In this case, a boyfriend blazer paired with cuffed boyfriend jeans and ankle boots creates a look that's very fall ready. Your feminine touches come in with your lipstick and accessories, and that peekaboo of ankle gives off just the right hint of flirt.

Look No. 2: Girl next door

Just because they're called boyfriend jeans doesn't mean you can't make them feminine and flirty. I love to contrast the relaxed fit with über-girly pieces like a secretary blouse, peep-toe pompom heels and a clutch. It's a look that's perfect for a day at the office or just hanging out with your girls.

Look No. 3: Glam

Speaking of the girls, there's no reason your boyfriend can't be a part of a girls’ night out. Paired with high-shine items like sequins and statement jewels, your boyfriend jeans turn glam and are ready for a night out on the town. Wearing BF jeans is also a great way to make your sequin pieces more daytime friendly. The relaxed denim neutralizes the high glam of sequins, which in turn minimizes the casual appeal of denim. It's the perfect balance between casual and formal, and it’s very effortlessly chic.

Look No. 4: Downtown chic

It seems like all the cool girls have the right boyfriend to complement their style to perfection, making them look even cooler (if that's possible). Worn with heels, a T-shirt and a leather jacket caped over the shoulder for extra cool points, boyfriend jeans give off an effortlessly chic and cool vibe. I don't know about you, but that's all I ever want in my life.

Look No. 5: Tomboy pretty

When you're tired of hitting the town with your boyfriend, just sit back and relax. Achieve a low-key look with a sweatshirt and a baseball cap (two other trends that are really big right now), and switch those heels for flats or wedge sneakers. After all, it's the loose and relaxed fit that makes the boyfriend so appealing.

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