Skin so flawless it looks airbrushed

Fashion comes and goes, but your skin stays constant; you wear it every day, so take care of it.


t Have you ever compared someone to one of their pictures? Chances are they had some Photoshopping on their skin? Whether it be removing wrinkles, erasing dark circles or evening out skin tone, we all want to look our best and with the help of Photoshop we can. We do not live Photoshopped lives, but we do live with the things that we would like to touch up. Let’s face it, we want porcelain skin. Porcelain skin is so coveted, and used to only be created with the help of Photoshop. Now porcelain skin can be achieved thanks to Burt’s Bees Brightening Face Care Line.

t I am a fashion blogger and model in photos four to five times a week. Fashion comes and goes so quickly in my world. My skin is the one thing that stays constant. It is what I wear everyday. With the need to be photo ready at all times, I have turned to Burt’s Bees’ new line of Brightening Face Care Line.

t The Brightening Refining Tonic is the best toner I have come across. It gets rid of any last traces of oil or dirt on my face but does not dry it out like many traditional toners. I also love that it does not burn and leave my skin bright red and blotchy after using it. Instead it leaves me feeling clean and my skin feels brighter. Instead of hiding my skin behind cover up, I now want to show it off.

t A lot of my life does not involve me wearing makeup. From working out to swimming, I am now more confident in my face and feel that I can be comfortable in my own skin not masked behind makeup.

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