Fix skin problems instead of hiding them

May 29, 2014 at 11:44 p.m. ET

TIred of hiding your skin problems instead of fixing them?

I don't know about you, but I am tired of trying to hide my skin. Hiding my problems is wasting time, money and clogging my pores. I want to ditch the mask and start fixing the problems.

I have decided to let Burt's Bees Brightening Face Care Line help me get the face I thought only layers of makeup could get me.

Through using Burt's Bees Brightening Face Care Line I have noticed that I have ditched my concealer and highlighting pen and also use less foundation and powder.

The Burt's Bees Brightening Face Care Line does so many wonderful things and in so little time.

All it takes is four weeks to start dramatically noticing a difference.

In four short weeks you will have:

  • visibly brighter skin
  • less obvious dark spots and discoloration
  • even skin tone
  • reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Here is a coupon so that you can try it out yourself. Visit and receive $3 off your purchase.

While all of the content on reflects the honest opinions of our Experts, Burt's Bees did sponsor this post.

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