The best beauty and fashion apps for 2014

Jan 16, 2014 at 7:21 p.m. ET

10 ways for your smartphone to get you fashionably through 2014.

I like a clean slate to start the new year. In the modern techno-world we live in now, this means I erase all my rarely used smartphone apps and keep only the best ones. These 10 are the beauty and fashion apps I must have to get myself through 2014.

Beauty Mark

Want new makeup ideas? Beauty Mark ($3) lets you virtually test out different looks. Start by choosing a natural, dramatic, glamour or bridal style and then further customize until you can see extensive new looks. Videos (or written instructions if you’re old-school) show you how to apply the makeup.

Hairstyle Makeover

Stop tearing hairstyle examples out of magazines every time you’re in the doctor’s office waiting room. Hairstyle Makeover by Appdicted (free) lets you upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on a wide variety of styles and hair colors before you commit. Why didn’t I know about this before I thought "The Rachel" would look good on anyone?

Pretty in My Pocket

Walking into a beauty store or even down the cosmetics aisle of a drugstore can freak me out because of the endless array of possibilities. With Pretty In My Pocket (free) you can scan the bar code (or type in the name of the product if you prefer) and see what professionals as well as everyday Jane Does have to say about the item.

Wink n Pout

Learn to dress for your shape. After analyzing your body basics, Wink n Pout (free) will suggest outfits that will flatter you for a variety of occasions. You can shop the products or just get ideas. There’s even an “ask a stylist” option so that you can get a personal response about a specific question.


Pose (free) is a beauty and fashion app that helps you decide what to wear based on the weather where you are and what you’re planning that day. You can shop for the items they suggest, follow fashion bloggers, see what friends are wearing, save ideas for later, etc. This is a great app for staying on-trend.


TheFind (free) is your new best friend to take shopping. Scan the bar code of an item you want and you will be told where to find the cheapest price on the item, either online or near you. You can store receipts and catalog your purchases as well.


Spendee (free) is a budgeting app allows you to track your spending so that you know when you can splurge on that new bag, or when you need to wait until next month rolls around. It’s especially handy if you itemize deductions on your tax return or need to report expenses at work.


Take a skin assessment test on the mySkin app (free) and receive recommendations for skincare products that will work best for your type. You can also see what people with similar skin profiles have used and liked or disliked, as well as get your skin questions answered by professionals in the field.


77Looks (free) offers tutorials on how to achieve different looks ranging from eye makeup to hairstyles to nail art and celebrity inspirations.

Fashion Kaleidoscope

Picture Pinterest and your own personal shopper telling you where you can find the items you like. Fashion Kaleidoscope (free) has a great mix of straight-off-the-runway wear and street-chic fashion items.

Who knows, at the rate technology is moving, by 2015 apps may be a thing of the past and Siri may be dictating what we purchase and wear. Until then, I’m enjoying these collaborative apps.