10 gorgeous holiday maternity dresses

Dec 12, 2013 at 10:15 a.m. ET

Get your bump ready for the spotlight with these top 10 holiday maternity dresses for this season.

Maternity holiday dresses

  1. Mamalicious Metallic Maxi Dress (ASOS, $76)
  2. Ruby Dress (Heritwine Maternity, $29)
  3. Sleeveless Straight Fit Maternity Dress (Destination Maternity, $140)
  4. 9Fashion Carissa Lace Dress (Mommy Chic Maternity, $128)
  5. Merona Maternity One-Shoulder Rosette Dress in Cement (Target, $40)
'Tis the season for glitter and glam — the perfect time to bring out the sequin dresses and pretty much anything that shines. From holiday work parties to Christmas and New Year's celebrations, everyone is bound to attend at least one holiday event during this time of year. And guess what at least 80 percent of your conversations will be about? You guessed it: your pregnancy. So let's get that bump ready to be in the spotlight with my top 10 holiday maternity dresses for this season.

When searching for holiday dresses, the single most important thing to me is the color. For the holidays, I'm looking for something fun and festive — colors that scream, "Let's celebrate!" So I broke my color selections down to four categories: the festive red and green, the classic black, the metallic silver and gold and the winter white. These are traditional holiday colors with which you just cannot go wrong. Pair them with the right shoes (cute and comfortable, preferably) and accessories, and you are sure to glow.

Maternity holiday dresses

  1. Topshop Waterfall Trapeze Maternity Dress (Nordstrom, $90)
  2. Emerald Lace Dress (Heritwine Maternity, $27)
  3. Maternity Sequin-Bodice Dress (J.C. Penney, $75)
  4. Black Gold Chevron Sequin Maternity Dress (PinkBlush Maternity, $60)
  5. Liquid by Nell Couture 3/4 Sleeve Colorblock Maternity Dress (Destination Maternity, $195)
Other things I keep an eye out for are the details of the dress. Whether it's a metallic sheen, sequins or lace, I'm looking for something that sets the dress apart from just being plain. Holiday parties are special occasions, after all.

As for the style of the dress, I want to find dresses that fit all body types and style preferences. These include body-con dresses for the expectant diva, straight-fit dresses for the chic mom-to-be, empire dresses for the glam mama and more. And the great thing with most of these dresses is that they would look just as stylish with a pair of tights — a plus when it's possible that the party might be outdoors.

So while everyone is sipping on their champagne and congratulating you on your pregnancy, you can raise your mocktail to looking amazing.

I hope you all have a very Merry Maternity!