Cate Blanchett just reignited our love for updos

Sep 26, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ET
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Our girl crush on the lovely Cate Blanchett has been growing for quite some time, and it's beauty moments like this one that help reinforce our admiration for the talented actress.

Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Cate Blanchett

Photo credit: Apega/

When we first saw this 'do, we thought we were in for one of her go-to (and always elegant) updos, but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw this style had a twist! The slightly messy yet totally contained braid is a fun way to wear your hair up without reverting to a boring old bun.

Want to steal Cate's hairstyle? You're in luck. We got award-winning hairstylist Riccardo Maggiore of New York City's famous Riccardo Maggiore Salon to offer some tips for doing just that.

Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Cate Blanchett

Photo credit: Apega/

Get the look

"Cate Blanchett has a very elegant and chic sense of style and this hairstyle reflects that," Riccardo says.

  1. You will need to add texture to your hair before starting the braid so that it will stay in place. You can add a styling product like Sebastian Professional Taming Elixir that will give the hair some grab.
  2. Split the hair in 2 sections, vertically.
  3. Start braiding the top section (you can also do a twist with 2 sections if this is easier for you than a braid). As you're braiding, begin to work the top section into the second section.
  4. Tiny clear elastics are best to use in a hairstyle like this to fasten the ends and stay invisible.
  5. Once the hair is braided and fastened, tuck the ends under with bobby pins (and also any flyaways) as close to the scalp as possible.
  6. If you have bangs, use a flat iron or blow dryer to keep them as tucked and clean as possible.
  7. Finish off with hairspray to keep everything in place.

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