Cute outfits for your next play date

Jun 17, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
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When you're trying to socialize your little one, you're bound to do some socializing yourself. On a play date, the focus is on you just as much as it is on Junior. Make sure you leave a good impression, but you're still comfortable enough to roll around with the kids in these cute, practical and on-trend outfits.

Breath of fresh air

Are you going to the beach or going to a play date? In this outfit, you don't have to choose. The breezy tunic top (, $38) is comfortable while simple black leggings (H&M, $10) make sure none of "the goods" show. Dress it up with studded white sandals (, $45) , a bold statement necklace (Target, $30) and a huge practical white bag (, $89), perfect for carrying bottles and diapers.

The day shift

There's no hotter trend right now than the shift dress, and this zigzag number (, $35) is bound to impress. Sheer sleeves keep you cool and when paired with mint tights (, $12), it's just too cute for words. Finish off the outfit with a simple staple black bag (, $90), mint stud earrings (, $41) and multi-functional black flats (, $20).

Retro momma

It's not a poodle skirt, but doesn't this darling outfit scream retro '50s? Shapes like these adorable black capri pants (, $41) and a flared button-up (, $26) are very Betty Draper. Modernize the look with easy mint earrings (, $14), flat sandals (, $38) and a business-meets-summer bag (, $60).

A bright future

You see a bright future for your little rugrat, but visualize their future in your present. This bold look is also super casual. Start with basic boyfriend cropped pants (Gap, $70)  and pair with a bold blue chiffon button-down (, $18). It's a basic outfit, but the fun comes with the accessories. Comfy, low wedges (Payless, $35) are paired with a bright yellow statement necklace (, $12)  and a summer carry-all bag (, $50) to contrast.

Spring sailing

This sailor-inspired outfit has a few modern twists. The grass-green tone of this midi skirt (, $90)  is young and fun. (Don't worry, midis are perfect for playing around in. They're short enough not to get in the way and long enough to not flash anyone.) Tuck in a cobalt-blue shirt (, $5) and pair with these adorable anchor earrings (Betsey Johnson, $25), combination sandal-flats (, $44) and a bright-meets-neutral bag (, $75) that will pair well with almost any outfit.

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