Target has a new skin care line and the secret ingredient is wine

We love a good glass of red wine as much as the next girl. But bottle up those grapes into a beauty line that’s beneficial for our skin and consider us addicted. Thanks, Lydia Mondavi.

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You know what they say: A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. And it also keeps your skin looking young and fresh, according to Lydia Mondavi, the cosmetics and beauty industry expert behind brand new wine-inspired skin care line, 29 by Lydia Mondavi for Target.

The line, which just hit shelves in March, was created exclusively for the renowned retailer as part of their new luxury skin care category and is already making major waves. “From the beginning, my priority was to create a collection of products that benefit the skin by utilizing a natural and sustainable eco-friendly ingredient,” she told us. “I focused on an ingredient I know well, grapes, because the grape seed extract is the most powerful antioxidant to protect skin from free radical damage and the signs of aging.” In fact, it’s 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamins C and D at shielding your skin against sun damage.

Lydia’s link to wine is actually one that spans back several generations. Her husband Robert Mondavi Jr. is the grandson of Napa Valley winemaking legend Robert Mondavi and also a winegrower himself. So if anyone grasps the power of grapes it’s definitely her.

29 by Lydia Mondavi for Target.

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Most of the products in the Target collaboration (there are 12 total) are multifunctional, double duty products. “For example, the Secret of the Vine Serum Extract is a firming and tightening serum; however, it penetrates down into the subcutaneous levels of the skin for maximum hydration, therefore serving as a lightweight moisturizer as well,” she points out.

Other favorites of Lydia’s from the line include her Replenishing Toner & Pore Purifying Treatment Pads (they’re the bomb for travel), D’Vine Day Cream SPF 30 (it can be applied over your makeup without smudging it) and must-have lip treatments, which personally, I’m obsessed with.

“First Crush Lip Scrub is like a mini facial for your lips,” Lydia explains, “while Wine Blot Lip Balm SPF 20 is packed full of potent grape seed antioxidants and SPF to nourish and protect your pout all day.” Both had my perpetually chapped lips feeling insanely smooth in no time flat. And that’s like a mini miracle in itself.

The line ranges in price from $10 to $35 and all products can be found on now or in stores nationwide.

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